Service Repairs, MOT's & Tyres

We offer it all under one roof.


Friendly, reliable and expert servicing for you and your car

We service just about all makes and models of cars and vans. Using the latest diagnostic software we identify exactly what each vehicle needs right down to the specific oils required. There is no need to rely on an expensive main dealer.

Why get your car serviced at GR Autos?
  • You will be in expert hands - Our team of skilled mechanics have a combined experience of 78 years
  • We believe in only using quality parts - cutting corners on quality invariably leads to more costs later on
  • You will be looked after as well as your car - Our customer satisfaction rating on the Good Garage Scheme sits comfortably over 95%
Why service your car?

Getting your car serviced regularly is a crucial part of its maintenance and carries numerous benefits, any one of which justifies the cost of a service on its own. All things being equal it will:

  • Make your car safer
  • Prolong the life of your car
  • Make your car more reliable and minimize the risk of break down
  • Increase your car's resale value
  • Reduce the chance of something expensive failing on your car further down the line


How we go the extra mile to get your car repaired and back on the road

GR Autos offer a comprehensive repair service. From welding to windscreen washers, and clutches to cam-belts. If your car malfunctions, we can repair it.

As with our other services we only use good quality parts so once your car is fixed it should stay fixed. Some things are more complicated to repair than others, but we have the expertise and equipment to handle just about anything.

Customer service is at the centre of what we do so we are happy to help you in any way we can while we get your car or van back on the road. This could mean recovering your car if its immobile or providing a courtesy car if you can't do with out wheels.

Handy Tip: If something is not right with your car, get it checked out early. For instance if your cam-belt needs replacing - which it will do at set times in its life (mileage or years) get it changed promptly. 

If you ignore it, it could wreck your engine, causing considerably more expense than the cost of a cam-belt change.


A fast and honest MOT service

Cars and vans up to 3.5 tons  -  Also motor homes up to 20ft long.

GR Auto Services has a dedicated MOT testing bay for cars and goods vehicles. 

We can almost always turn around MOT inspection on a same day basis. Our MOT inspections are carried out with the same core values as everything else we do: outstanding customer service, quality replacement parts if necessary and skilled, expert mechanics. In the words of one customer:

"I had an estimate for some MOT repairs - the cost of the genuine parts turned out to be cheaper than the original estimate and they were honest enough to pass this saving on to me. Really nice surprise when paying the bill. I would highly recommend this garage to anyone looking for a good, honest, friendly, family-run garage"

(Comment taken from the Good Garage Scheme website ,December 2011) 


Does my car need a MOT? 

If your car is less than three years old then the answer is no. But almost all cars older than three years old need to pass a MOT test every year by law. There is an exemption on cars made before 1960.

Is a MOT the same as an annual service?

No. There is some overlap but a MOT is essentially a safety test to check that a car is roadworthy whereas a service is routine maintenance, such as oil and filter changes and a check up to make sure that a car is running smoothly.

Can I use my car if it needs a valid MOT certificate and does not have one? 

The only circumstances in which you are permitted to drive your car without a MOT certificate are if you are driving from a MOT test to get your car repaired or you are driving for a pre-arranged MOT test. Be careful though as you could run into other problems, for instance with your insurance company. 

What are the most common reasons for failing a MOT?

The MOT is a wide-ranging test but the most common reasons for a fail are problems with lighting, signalling, suspension or brakes.

How much does a MOT cost at GR Autos?

The standard maximum price for a MOT test on a car is £54.85 and vans are £58.60.

GR Auto Services currently offer Car MOTs for £45.00 (saving £9.88) and van MOTs for £50.00         (saving £8.60 ).Great value for an MOT and customer service you can rely on .

Retest Fee

If vehicle fails and is taken away for repairs for something like a tyre or bulbs etc retest would be FREE.

If vehicle has failed on structual or mechanical work and taken away for repairs. Retest fee £20.00

If vehicle has been repaired at GR Auto Services your retest will be FREE.

No work carried out on your car unless estimated and authorised by you the customer. We will always find the best economical solution for any repairs on your car.

Tyre Supply and Fitting Service

We are now pleased to introduce a new "onsite" Tyre Fitting service and can supply and fit tyres for Cars, Vans and 4x4's.

GR Auto Tyre Fitting Services

ARI Fleet Masterserve Award 

In 2012 we recieved our ARI Fleet award for over 15 years of exceptional service to the Master Serve network.

New mot rules for DPF filters 

Date: 14  Feb 2014

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) have been in the news quite a bit this year. DPFs were fitted to diesel cars to meet European emissions standards, but they need high temperatures to regenerate and remain effective. Motorists who use their cars primarily for local runs with lots of stop-start driving and low mileage may find themselves with a blocked DPF as a result.

Vehicles suffering with blocked DPFs have become a common fault, the first indication of which will be the engine management light coming on, or a lack of power. If the warning light is ignored, it could be a costly repair. Rather than deal with the repair bill, some people have chosen to completely remove the DPF, but this could prove costly. From February 2014 the MOT test will include a check for the presence of a diesel particulate filter.

This new government legislation means it is vital that garages look after DPFs for their customers. Vehicles will automatically fail the MOT test if a diesel particulate filter that was fitted when manufactured has been removed.

Your local Good Garage Scheme member garage will be able to advise you of a treatment specifically designed to help your diesel particulate filter operate as it should.